Guidelines for abstract submission

Author(s) are requested to submit their abstracts, in accordance with the following format.

Abstract Guidelines

Title: The title should be specific and concise. It should be in upper case.

Author(s) with affiliations: Affiliations should contain department, university or organization, city, and country of the author(s), along with their email address(s).

Abstract: Abstracts submitted to the conference must be exclusive. Authors must ensure that the abstracts are not previously presented or currently being reviewed at another conference. In addition, the submitting author must ensure the approval of co-authors for the publication and presentation of the abstract at the conference. Entire abstract including author details, affiliations, address, city, country and e-mail addresses must be written in English. The abstract should be self-contained and citation-free and should not exceed 300 words. The submitted abstracts are considered for oral or poster presentation. Authors can make a choice in this regard during submission, however, final acceptance of the abstract for oral or poster presentation is determined by the organizing committee.

Keywords: A list of three-five keywords is required for all abstracts.


The size of the poster should be 40" x 59" or 1X1.5 Sq.Mts.
Use large text (your text should be at least 16-22 pt; headings 35-65 pt; title >70pt.
All edges and margins should be straight and even.
Posters should have the following information.
Title (with authors and affiliations)
Introduction / Objectives / Aims
Contact information
Seek the support of on spot organizer when and where to fix the poster. 
Necessary material required to post the poster will be provided.
Maximum of 2 members can present the poster.
While presenting your poster please stay aside and do not cover the board
Bring your posters in a tubular pack or a special case that it can fit into.
Give short and straight answers to the questions by the evaluator. 
Carry back your poster with you after the presentation is finished.