Gabriela Alves Macedo

Organizing Committee Member (NSFT - 2018)

Campinas State University

Graduated in Food Engineering, with a Master's and Doctoral Degree in Food Sciences from UNICAMP - State University of Campinas, SP Brazil, 1998. Worked as a researcher at Multinational Research Centers such as Degussa and Rhodia Food, for Latin America between 1999-2002. Since 2002, she began her academic career at the Faculty of Food Engineering - FEA of UNICAMP in Biochemistry and Biotechnology and Food field. Researches with thematic projects on the sustainable production of microbial enzymes and their applications in food, fuel and feed has generated several theses, papers and patents. These projects were developed in partnership with industries and research centers, developing processes to microbial enzymes production  and detoxification of agricultural residues, until 2013.

Currently, she is at the Food Technology and Nutrition department, and coordinates a  group that works on the application of microbial enzymes and fermentative processes, for development of functional foods, decrease antinutritional factors and increase of nutritional properties, from agroindustry coproducts. The target molecules are phenolic obtention by biological processes and structured lipids, synthesized enzymatically.

Winner of the Capes Thesis  Award in 2009 in Food Science (as supervisor) , she received several awards for scientific development work, including the "Zeferino Vaz Academic Recognition Award" from UNICAMP in 2013. She has 05 patents registered and more than 60 published articles and has already supervised more than 30 Masters and PhD students.